Fludarabine Phosphate 50 mg / 2 ml inj: Hospital supply issue

Supply issue Hospital only Active

Sandoz alerted Pharmac to an issue affecting fludarabine 50 mg / 2 ml injections (Pharmacode 2386933)

Update 13 June 2024 

Unfortunately the next shipment of Sandoz's fludabarine (Pharmacode 2386933) has been delayed until mid-July. Sandoz has arranged for more stock of the section 29 alternative so people can continue to access treatment.

Sandoz does not yet have a resupply date.  

Affected product

The last batch of NZ stock had a printed expiry date of 31 May 2024. However, given the date of manufacture and the products registered shelf life (36 months), this product may continue to  be administered up until 28 June 2024.

It is indicated to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). It is primarily used to treat acute leukaemia and in conditioning prior to transplant in hospitals. It is compounded and listed under Pharmacode: 2204169. We are also working with compounders over this issue.

Schedule listing for fludarabine phosphate(external link)

HML listing for fludarabine phosphate(external link)

Alternative product

Sandoz, the supplier, is arranging a section 29 alternative which was listed from 1 June 2024. Stock is available.

Expected resolution

Sandoz expects the registered product to be available again in mid-July.

Who to contact

If you have questions about this issue, email enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz

Please include as much information as you can about the product (presentation, brand, pharmacode) and who your wholesaler is.

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