Salbutamol with ipratropium bromide (Duolin HFA inhaler): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Rex Medical has advised that, due to increased demand, there is a supply issue affecting the Duolin HFA inhaler.

13 December 2023 update

Rex Medical advises that resupply has been delayed until April 2024. 

Affected product

  • Chemical: Salbutamol with ipratropium bromide 
  • Brand: Duolin HFA
  • Presentation: Inhaler
  • Pharmacode: 2349337

Alternative product

As an alternative, patients can be prescribed a salbutamol inhaler and an ipratropium bromide inhaler in conjunction with each other:

SalAir salbutamol inhalers (Pharmacode: 2404516)(external link)

Atrovent ipratropium bromide inhalers (Pharmacode: 2145782)(external link)

It has been confirmed that there is sufficient stock of both inhalers to meet increased demand.

Expected resupply

New stock is expected in the country April 2024.

Who to contact

If you have concerns regarding the supply of Duolin, contact Rex Medical: 0800 739 633

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