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We recommend you use the Chrome or Firefox browsers. PHARMConnect will not work on Internet Explorer.

Note: PHARMAC cannot see your application until it is submitted.

Save at every section and subsection 

To prevent any loss of information in your application, use the 'Save' button before moving to the next section or subsection questions. You may need to scroll down to the button.

You can still change the information until you submit your application.

Password reset

When you reset your password, you will receive 2 emails. The first contains a link.

When you click the link, you will be sent a second email and taken to a web page that requires a security code. The security code is in the second email. 

You will then be guided to set a new password. 

Maximum character limit

There is a combined character limit of 253 for these three fields:

  • registered name
  • brand name
  • indication.

To make sure you don't exceed the limit, type a single sentence in each field, do not copy and paste. Once you reach the limit, you won’t be able to type any further.

Pasting and uploading images to PHARMConnect through the rich text fields

  • Only upload .gif or .jpg or .png image formats
  • 1 MB is the maximum file size for any one image
  • URLs for images must begin with: 
    HTTP: HTTPS: DATA:, //, or /
  • Resize your images before uploading them. You cannot edit them in PHARMConnect.

Note there may be no error message. We will need to contact you if there are issues with images.

No warning if mandatory fields are not completed

Required fields have a red asterisk and all required fields must be completed to successfully submit an application.

You will not get a warning message that required fields are not completed. It will look like your application has been submitted, however, we will not receive your application.

Submitting an application

When you’re finished, we recommend you check the status list of your applications. This will show whether your application has been submitted.

If it is still says “draft”, you may have missed a mandatory field or the final submit button.

Supporting information

Templates for suppliers

PHARMAC’s policies and procedures

PHARMAC uses a range of tools when we consider funding applications. The information we ask for in the application helps us make informed decisions.

Check progress in Application Tracker

Use the Application Tracker to check the status of every proposal since 2002. Details of a small number of old proposals are not available.

PHARMConnect’s security measures

Security measures include:

  • two-factor authentication at log in
  • strong password requirements
  • two-email process to reset your password
  • user controlled access rights

Suppliers can appoint their own systems administrator to manage access rights for their organisation.

Suppliers can control how much information their own staff can access.

PHARMAC staff cannot view draft applications. They only become visible once you have submitted your application.