About the Review

The Review was conducted by an independent panel appointed by the Minister, supported by the Ministry of Health.

Background and review reports

The Review focused on two areas:

  • how well Pharmac performs against its current objectives and whether and how its performance against these could be improved.
  • whether Pharmac’s current objectives maximise its potential to improve health outcomes for all New Zealanders as part of the wider health system, and whether and how these objectives should be changed.

More detail about the review is available on the Ministry of Health's website

Pharmac Review - Ministry of Health(external link)

Minister's response to the Final Review Report [PDF, 353 KB]

Final Pharmac Review Report [PDF] - Ministry of Health(external link)

Interim Pharmac Review Report [PDF] - Ministry of Health(external link)

Pharmac welcomed the review

We saw this review as helping make a good system better and helping us be as responsive as we can be to the challenges facing our health system. We also saw this Review as an opportunity to show New Zealanders what we do and the value we add.

Our final response to the review

the final response [PDF, 9.8 MB]

We issued our interim response in mid-2022. The final response encapsulates and supercedes the interim response.