Strategic Direction Te Ahunga Rautaki


Ki te kahore he whakakitenga ka ngaro te iwi. 
Without foresight or vision the people will be lost.

Our purpose

We uphold the articles of Te Tiriti, advancing Māori health and aspirations:

  • Tino Rangatiratanga
  • partnership
  • active protection
  • options
  • equity.

To deliver the best health outcomes from New Zealand’s investment in medicines and medical devices.

Our strategic direction

On 1 July 2020, Pharmac began working on its new strategic direction. We want to make an even bigger contribution to our health system and to the health of all New Zealanders.

Our Strategy links together

  • our purpose as an organisation
  • the longer-term impacts we want to achieve
  • what we'll do in the medium term to deliver this.

Our strategic direction is our reference point in a changing environment. It will help us build and strengthen our organisation.

Our strategy supports us to grow fully into our name, Te Pātaka Whaioranga (the ‘storehouse of wellbeing’). As Pharmac, we manage and safeguard something that is valuable to all New Zealanders – the pursuit of wellbeing.

Six strategic priorities

We have identified six strategic priorities which represent the work Pharmac needs to undertake over the next 4 years to drive us towards our desired future. These are:

  • enhance key functions
  • medical devices
  • equitable access and use
  • data and analytics
  • public understanding, trust and confidence
  • relationships and partnerships. 
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PHARMAC's Strategic Direction at a glance

Meeting the needs of Māori and Pacific people

Pharmac also has two other strategies that focus on ensuring equitable access to medicines for Māori and Pacific peoples.

Te Whaioranga - Māori responsiveness strategy

Pacific responsiveness strategy