Benefits of working at Pharmac

At Pharmac we’re proud of the role we play to protect and improve the wellbeing of New Zealand.

Some of the reasons our kaimahi love working here

Wherever you work in Pharmac, you are contributing to improving health outcomes for New Zealand. You might help decide what medicines to fund, contribute to managing medical devices in hospitals, write policy, or be part of a team that keeps Pharmac running behind the scenes.

Career development

Together, we will identify how you can make the most of your role at Pharmac and how we can support you to grow your career.

Flexible working

We embrace flexible working – when, how, and where you work. Flexible working is for everyone, because we know work-life balance is important.

Wellness payment

Pharmac kaimahi get a $500 wellness payment every year they can use to support their wellbeing.

Generous leave provisions

You’ll get extra annual leave and – to ensure you get a good break over the holiday season – we pay for your days off between Christmas and New Year.

Staff also get one volunteer day a year to help out in the community.

Parental leave 

During parental leave you’ll still get a pay review and your annual leave continues to accumulate at its full value. 

Inclusion and diversity

We encourage you to bring your whole self to Pharmac. We have various groups and special interest activities that you too could be a part of at Pharmac.

We’ll support you while you help make a difference for the rest of Aotearoa.

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