PHARMAC releases easy guide to funding applications

Media release

PHARMAC has released new guidance for health professionals, consumers and clinicians to make it easier for them to apply for pharmaceuticals to be funded.

Most funding applications come from pharmaceutical companies, although it has always been possible for anyone to make an application, says PHARMAC’s medical director Dr Peter Moodie.

“The reality is that health professionals and consumers don’t always have access to the level of detailed clinical data that we usually seek for a funding application,” says Dr Moodie. “Pharmaceutical suppliers have this type of information available and are well-versed in the sort of information required to support a funding application, but that’s not necessarily the case for clinicians or patients.”

The guidance includes a form outlining the sort of information that should be provided with an application, as well as contacts at PHARMAC. Dr Moodie says a funding application can be something as simple as a clinician writing to PHARMAC saying they want a particular medicine for their patient. This can lead to a full-scale funding application for listing on the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

“It can be daunting for someone to know where to start, so this new guidance will help them to know what sort of initial information is necessary to kick-off the process. We can then work together to collate all the information we need.”

“In terms of the information we need to support an application, more is better, but even if this isn’t readily available we can work with the applicant and approach other sources to obtain all the relevant information.”

With PHARMAC moving into management of hospital medicines from 1 July 2013, Dr Moodie says it will become more important for PHARMAC to assist clinicians with making funding applications.

“We expect there will be more instances where a clinician wants funding for medicines for patients, so this document should help guide them through the process,” he adds.

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