Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), insulin pumps and insulin pump consumables: Procurement status


Find the latest information on Pharmac’s procurement process for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, insulin pumps and insulin pump consumables.

Update 9 February 2024

At the end of 2023, the evaluation committee met to evaluate the proposals from suppliers for this procurement process.

Pharmac is now working out the best options to try to fund CGMs for New Zealanders. This is a very complex process, it will take time.

We will give updates on this process when we can. We know people are keen to get funded access to these products. Our team is working as hard as we can to make this happen.

Evaluation of the bids received

We are pleased to share that we received bids from a number of suppliers in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the supply of CGMs, insulin pumps and insulin pump consumables.

To assess these bids, we have held three evaluation committee meetings, including clinical experts, consumer representatives, and Pharmac staff.

Pharmac is using information gathered during the evaluation meetings, alongside the Factors for Consideration, to select the preferred suppliers.

About Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Media release: Pharmac seeking bids from suppliers for continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps and consumables

Next steps

Once we have selected the preferred suppliers, we will continue with our usual funding process. We will work with our preferred suppliers of the various products to negotiate provisional agreements. 

Once we have agreements in place, we will consult with the public. This provides everyone living in New Zealand a chance to give feedback on our proposal for funding and how this decision would be implemented, if it were approved.

We will carefully consider all consultation feedback and make any necessary changes to what we are proposing to fund. The Pharmac Board will then consider all consultation feedback along with the proposal and decide on the outcome.

When the decision is made, Pharmac will notify the public and health sector of the outcome. If approved, we would work with relevant agencies involved and the community to ensure the products are accessible in the community.

Timing of the procurement process

Pharmac initially signalled interest in funding CGMs and considering the supply of insulin pumps and insulin pump consumables in February 2023.

We understand people would like to know how long this procurement process will take. Below we have noted the milestones we have worked to so far.  

Unfortunately, the time required to undertake contractual negotiations with suppliers can vary. As such, we can’t be certain about future timings for this process. However, we will share updates on this webpage as more information becomes available. 

Milestone Date
FPO release Complete (Feb 2023)
Clinical advice Complete (April 2023)
Publishing records of clinical advice from the diabetes Specialist Advisory Committee Complete (July 2023)
RFP release Complete (July 2023)
Supplier briefing Complete (July 2023)
Stakeholder briefing Complete (August 2023)
Bids close Complete (August 2023)
Evaluation committee meetings and seeking further clinical advice Complete (October-November 2023)
Consultation period Early 2024
Pharmac Board meeting Early 2024
Decision notification date TBD 2024
Provisional implementation date  TBD 2024

The funding application

Pharmac has previously received funding applications for Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre and Medtronic CGMs.

For many of the 17,000 New Zealanders living with type 1 diabetes having funded access to these devices would be life changing. 

Applications Pharmac received prior to this process

Who to contact

We will update this page as more information becomes available.

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