Midodrine tab 2.5 mg: Supply Issue

Supply issue Active

The supplier of midodrine tabs, Medsurge, expects to be out-of-stock of the funded 2.5 mg presentation (Pharmacode 2632063) by about early November 2023.

Affected product

Medsurge advises that there has been a significant and unexpected increase in demand for this medicine which used up stockholdings faster than was forecast.

Schedule listing for midodrine(external link)

There is no supply issue with the 5 mg presentation of midodrine tabs (Pharmacode 2632071).

Alternative supply

Medsurge have secured an alternative brand of midodrine tab 2.5 mg. This medicine is chemically identical to the funded brand. It will be listed on the Schedule from 1 November 2023 under Section 29.

The pack size and price for this alternative are the same as the funded brand. The details for this alternative are as follows:

  • Chemical: Midodrine
  • Presentation: Tab 2.5 mg
  • Brand: MAR-Midodrine
  • Pharmacode: 2667851
  • Pack size: 100
  • Subsidy: $38.23
  • Section 29 and wastage rules applied.

Expected resupply late December 2023

Medsurge expects the next shipment of registered stock to arrive in Aotearoa New Zealand mid to late December 2023. When Medsurge has a more definite date we will provide it.

Who to contact

If you have any concerns or queries regarding this alternative, contact Medsurge directly through their website(external link) 

or call 0800 788 261