Methylphenidate ER 36 mg tablet: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Teva have advised that there is a supply issue with their methylphenidate ER 36 mg tabs (pharmacode 2562782).

Affected product

Only the 36 mg tablets (pharmacode 2562782) of Teva's Methylphenidate ER is affected by this issue. All other presentations (including the 18 mg tablet) are available. 

Schedule listing for methylphenidate(external link)

There are no supply issues with methylphenidate immediate-release, sustained-release, modified-release or the Concerta brand of extended-release

NZ Formulary monograph for methylphenidate(external link)

Expected resupply date

Teva advises that they expect resupply by early July 2022. 

Who to contact

If you have questions about the availability of this medicine, contact Teva Pharmaceuticals(external link)

If you have questions about the funding of this medicine, email