EleCare (infant formula): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

EleCare infant formula products will be out of stock until mid-2023.

8 February 2023 Update: Resupply is now expected June/July 2023.


EleCare and EleCare LCP will be out of stock until June/July 2023.  

Alternative products

We are advised that Neocate (Nutricia) and Alfamino (Nestlé) are suitable alternatives. We have alerted Nutricia to ensure there additional supply of Neocate. 

See the Schedule listing for amino acid formulas(external link) 

2022 Recall of Elecare

In February 2022, A recall was issued by the supplier.

No action was required from consumers or healthcare professionals in New Zealand because the affected batches have not been distributed in New Zealand.

EleCare sourced internationally

However, people may have privately purchased affected products from online shopping platforms. If you have bought Elecare online, check the batch information on the Ministry for Primary Industries' website(external link).

Who to contact

If you need more information about this recall, contact:

Abbott Laboratories NZ

Customer Service Number: 0800 737 115

Customer Service email: nutritionANZ@abbott.com(external link)