Special Authority waiver

Find out how to apply for funding if a person’s clinical circumstances meet the spirit or intent of Special Authority criteria, but not the technical requirements.

Special Authority waivers apply to Sections B to D of the Schedule, including pharmaceutical cancer treatments (PCTs).

Apply for a Special Authority waiver

You can find the latest SA form linked from the Schedule listing. Always download the latest Special Authority form. 

Add information to the form that explains why the criteria should be waived for your patient. This must be done manually on the SA form.

Submit the waiver application

PHARMAC makes the decisions on waiver applications. You cannot use the online system to apply for a waiver. You must send the form to PHARMAC or the Ministry of Health.


Email: waivers@pharmac.govt.nz

Fax: 04 380 1409

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health will then forward the waiver application to PHARMAC. 

Fax: 0800 100 131

Notification of a waiver decision

If the waiver request is approved, the Ministry of Health will send the applicant an approval letter. This will include a Special Authority (SA) number.

If the waiver request is declined, PHARMAC will send the applicant a letter explaining the reason. We may seek more information about applications.

Who to contact

If you have questions about waivers, email PHARMAC on waivers@pharmac.govt.nz