Interagency Agreements

Pharmac has a clear role within New Zealand's medicine system, however sometimes we share our objectives with other agencies that play different roles.

When this happens we sometimes agree memoranda of understanding. These are documents that outline each agency's role in meeting the shared objective, and how we will work together.

District Health Boards (DHBs)

Pharmac's role is to manage funding of community pharmaceuticals, deciding which medicines are funded out of the DHBs’ Combined Pharmaceutical Budget.

We also provide DHBs with access to national contracts for hospital medical devices and we will eventually decide which hospital medicines can be funded in DHB hospitals.

Memorandum of understanding relating to the working relationship between Pharmac and DHBs: August 2021 [PDF, 304 KB] 

Pharmac also has a memorandum of understanding with NZ Health Partnerships Limited as DHBs’ agent.

New Zealand Health Partnerships(external link)

Pharmac, DHBs, and New Zealand Health Partnerships Limited engage and share their work programmes through the Joint Procurement Agency.

2022 Health reforms

Pharmac is working with the Ministry of Health, Health NZ, and Te Mana Hauora Māori to support the transformation of the health system.

As new working relationships are codified, this page will be updated.

New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority (Medsafe) 

Medsafe and Pharmac have a long-standing constructive and effective working relationship. Signing this memorandum shows that we both want to maintain that constructive relationship and to ensure that the parties continue to work together effectively for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Memorandum of understanding between Pharmac and Medsafe: 4 June 2020 [PDF, 202 KB]

Vaccines funding arrangements

In 2012 Pharmac took over management of purchasing vaccines. We signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health and DHBs outlining everyone's roles and responsibilities. 

Memorandum of understanding for vaccine funding arrangements [PDF, 171 KB]

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