Community voices important to PHARMAC

Media release

This year, PHARMAC is reviewing the way we seek and incorporate the consumer voice in our work, and is asking people about how we could improve input from, or engagement with, them.

PHARMAC Chief Executive, Sarah Fitt, says that nearly every New Zealander is affected by the decisions PHARMAC makes, so it’s important that funding decisions are well-informed and consider New Zealanders’ viewpoints.

“Feedback from New Zealanders who receive – or could receive – funded medicines or medical devices is important to us,” says Ms Fitt.

“We’re always looking to improve how we make decisions, this includes how we seek and use consumer views in our work. We want to know if the way we do this now is working, and if not, how we can improve.”

PHARMAC staff are visiting five locations in New Zealand during May and June 2018 holding community conversations.

PHARMAC will also be gathering feedback in a number of other ways; via a discussion document and online survey that asks consumers how they feel about the way PHARMAC seeks and brings the voice into our work.

“We hope that people take this opportunity to help us make improvements to the way we engage with consumers, and incorporate New Zealanders’ voices into our work,” says Ms Fitt.

Consultation on the discussion document and online survey closes on 6 July 2018.

Register for a community conversation [unlinked 11/10/20]

Take a short online survey and check out our discussion document [unlinked 11/10/20]