Ethinyloestradiol 35 mcg with norethisterone 500 mcg (Norimin): Supply issue

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The supplier, Pfizer, has advised that Norimin stock has run out. Supply is not expected to be restored until mid-February 2021.

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10 November 2020 update

Pfizer has advised us that they have secured additional Necon stock to bridge the supply gap of the Norimin.

We understand that this stock of Necon is now available to be ordered. 

We are advised that stock of Brevinor 28 is exhausted. It will remain listed on the Schedule in case there's any more in the supply chain. 

Alternatives for Norimin

Necon and Brevinor 28 were listed as alternatives for Norimin.

Some pharmacies may still have stock of the temporary alternatives Necon or Brevinor 28 to replace Norimin to fill prescriptions, but this will be limited and unevenly distributed across the country. Both Necon and Brevinor 28 are expected to be exhausted by mid-October. Pfizer had advised that Norimin would be back in stock by then.

PHARMAC are working with suppliers to seek a further alternative to Norimin. We will update our website if this becomes available.

We recognise and acknowledge this situation will be disruptive for some people. If you take these oral contraceptives, we encourage you to talk with your prescriber about alternatives.

Several other funded contraceptives are listed on the Pharmaceutical Schedule, including other oral contraceptives, barrier and long acting reversible contraceptives.

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Brevinor 28 is different from Brevinor 1/28. Brevinor 1/28 is a combined oral contraceptive containing a higher strength of progestogen.

Read more about the Brevinor 1/28 supply issue

Brevinor 28 is also different from Brevinor 1/21 and Brevinor 21, which have been delisted.

Key dates

  • End October 2020 – Anticipated that Necon and Brevinor 28 runs out
  • Mid February 2021 – Anticipated that Norimin back in stock

Who to contact

If you have questions about this out of stock, contact Pfizer on 0800 736 363.

Comprehensive clinical information for prescribers on contraception is available via Bpac(external link)

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