Norimin 84 pack: Supply issue resolved

The supplier advised of a short-term supply issue with Ethinyloestradiol with norethisterone (Norimin) 84 pack (Pharmacode 410691)

25 August 2022: Supply issue resolved.

Affected product

There were delays in manufacturing that meant that the following product was briefly out of stock. 

35 mcg with norethisterone 500 mcg and 7 inert tab

  • Brand: Norimin
  • Pharmacode: 410691
  • Price: $21.99
  • Pack size: per 84

Alternate product

Pfizer sourced the Australian version of their product to cover the out of stock. This was listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule. Note: It comes in a 4-month pack (not the standard NZ 3-month pack). This product will be delisted in due course.

  • Brand: Norimin
  • Pharmacode: 2636077
  • Price: $29.32
  • Pack size: per 112

Check the Schedule listing(external link)

The packaging also refers to the Australian contact details. Please use the New Zealand Medsafe Datasheet(external link) and Consumer Medicines Information(external link) sheet for sponsor, medical information and poison centre contact details.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about this, email