Our values

We have four values that our staff bring to everything they do. These values underpin all our work. 

Fresh thinking

We value the collection of new ideas and options to challenge the status quo. We will go out of our way to understand the evidence, listen to stakeholders and encourage colleagues to think innovatively. Our success is founded on our ability to select and carefully implement the best choices.

Can do

We value a focus on implementing good solutions. With tenacity, process and collaboration with colleagues, challenges are transformed into opportunities to make a difference. We hold ourselves accountable for what we do and for delivering on our obligations, including under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Within our means

We value being careful stewards of taxpayer funds. We seek resources which are just what we need to fulfil our objectives and commit to ensuring that we deliver within our budgets.

Due respect

In exploring boundaries we value the importance of proper process, and others’ accountabilities and perspectives. The choices and actions we take only continue if they are made on a sound basis and with a focus on serving New Zealanders.