Priority | Māori/Crown Partnership


PHARMAC has strong working relationships with Māori—we engage, actively listen to understand, and deliver on what we agree.

What we’ve heard

PHARMAC’s current relationships with Māori organisations should continue and be strengthened further.
“Move towards building relationships with iwi. Iwi have and will always be there.”


  • PHARMAC’s decision making is informed by strong working relationships with Māori at multiple levels, including through the provision of ongoing strategic advice.
  • Strong relationships with Māori, who feel listened to, engaged, actively involved and understood.
  • PHARMAC is supporting iwi, hapū and Māori health workforces, and partnering with them for collective impact for whānau Māori.

How we will measure performance

  • Benchmarking ourselves against the Te Arawhiti guidelines for engagement.
  • Māori trust and confidence in PHARMAC has improved.

June 2021 update

We have continued our work with our whānau ora and Māori health professional partners.

By mid-2021 we aimed to have…

  • Established a partnership plan that identifies the key people and organisations we will be working with to design and implement activities to achieve our goals.
  • Planned implementation to meet Te Arawhiti guidelines across our work.

By the end of 2021 we will have… 

  • Established a way to work with Māori to guide/design the work that needs to be done.
  • Staff who understand the requirement to meet Te Arawhiti guidelines of engagement.
  • Strategic plans in development with existing Māori partners.

By mid-2022 we will have… 

  • Staff actively listening to Māori and delivering what is agreed.
  • Engagement that meets Te Arawhiti guidelines planned across all our work.
  • Staff who understand Te Tiriti, and the Māori/Crown relationship and how they relate to their work.
  • Planned our approach to engaging with iwi to understand how we can work together.

By 2023...

  • PHARMAC is meeting Te Arawhiti guidelines for engagement.
  • Māori trust and confidence in PHARMAC has improved.
  • With Maori, we can identify how these relationships are making a difference for whānau Māori.
  • Started engagement with iwi to understand how we could work together.

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