About One Heart Many Lives

One Heart Many Lives is a population health programme inspired by the vision of Māori and Pacific Island men living into their 80s and 90s, free of heart disease.

The campaign targets this population group because they can live up to 10 years less than men of other population groups.

The One Heart Many Lives (OHML) kaupapa (strategy) sets out to inspire Māori and Pacific Island men to get their hearts checked, understand heart disease and pass the message on to their brothers, cousins, sons, friends and whānau. And, if the diagnosis is not good, to do something about it. ‘Get your heart checked bro’, has become the catch cry for tāne across the country. Do it for yourself, your whānau and your community.

The contribution PHARMAC makes to this vision is to engage with both the health sector and tāne and their whānau:

  • To increase awareness of cardiovascular risk and how this risk can be reduced
  • To promote increased consultation between people with high cardiovascular risk and medical professionals
  • To promote healthy lifestyles as part of managing overall healthcare
  • To increase the level of understanding of the need for long-term usage of cholesterol lowering medication (ie statins) for those men at highest risk for whom lifestyle measures alone are not sufficient
  • To promote the utilisation of cost-effective and appropriate pharmaceutical interventions.