Dermatological ECP flowchart

Use this flowchart to check if your extemporaneously compounded dermatological product is funded.

For an ECP to be subsidised, it must contain 2 or more subsidised component pharmaceuticals listed in the Schedule.

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* Hydrocortisone powder is subsidised only in combination with a barrier cream/emollient, not with a proprietary topical corticosteroid-plain.

Dermatological bases are all pharmaceuticals listed under “barrier creams and emollients” in the Schedule

Proprietary topical corticosteroids-plain are subsidised dermatological bases that may be diluted with another dermatological base.

Collodion flexible is dermatological base.

Dermatological galenical is identified in the Schedule with the restriction:

  1. only in combination with a dermatological base or proprietary topical corticosteroid-plain
  2. with or without other dermatological galenicals.

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