Moving online

The Pharmaceutical Schedule is no longer printed. All Updates and new Schedule editions are available online.

The last printed and delivered hard copy Schedules were:

  • April 2021 for the Community Schedule
  • March 2021 for the Hospital Medicines List (HML).

The Pharmaceutical Schedule is available online as a searchable database. PDF versions are also available to download and print if you wish. These follow the same layout as the printed versions you may be familiar with.

Why we moved the Schedule online

PHARMAC has printed and posted copies of the Pharmaceutical Schedule and Updates to pharmacies and health sector organisations for many years.

We surveyed users in early 2020 to find out how they were using the Schedule. Their feedback was extremely helpful for our decision making and planning.

In October 2020, we confirmed the Schedule would move to online-only. This was for several reasons:

  • We want to encourage health professionals to use the Schedule website. It's easier to search and has the latest information on it.
  • The printed Schedule has a short shelf life. Each new edition supersedes the previous one. This creates paper waste that can now be avoided.
  • Savings from printing and posting the Schedule will go into improving the website.

Making improvements as suggested by you

We’ve been improving the Schedule over the past few months based on suggestions from pharmacists and clinicians. Some key features include:

  • ‘Look-up’ in the search bar – start typing, and after three letters, suggestions will pop up.
  • Search on just four letters – you don’t have to spell out the whole medicine name.
  • Access the PDF version – there’s a link on every medicine listing to the PDF.
  • Current and next month – during the last week of the month, you can now toggle between viewing the current month and the next month.

You can easily jump between the Community Schedule and Hospital Medicines List (HML) on each listing. We’ve also added links to the PSO List and Dermatological ECP flowchart in the Pharmaceutical Schedule menu.

Read the PSO list

Read the dermatological ECPs flowchart

For some community pharmacies, access to an additional computer and reliable internet is an issue. PDFs of the Schedule can be downloaded and printed for such occasions.

We have developed training resources to help users of the online Schedule.

Check out our Schedule help guide

Schedule changes - the last week of the month

We update the online Schedule around the 23rd of each month. The changes come into effect on the 1st of the next month. This means that for the last week of each month you can use our new feature to view the current month.

Previously you’d need to flip through old printouts or copies of the PDF if you needed to see the current month’s results during the last week of the month. Now there is a handy link under the search bar that lets you see the current and upcoming month’s Schedule results.

If a new Schedule has not been released in the month, you can also switch to the previous month’s results.

Screen shot of the search bar in the Schedule. The link to switch between months is circled..