New look: Same Schedule

We're launching a new look Schedule and HML in early June 2022.

New design focused on you

We heard from you, the people who use the Online Schedule that it needed some improvements, so we’ve given it a refresh. Our goal has been to make it more intuitive to use and easier to navigate. 

Read about the new features below and let us know what you think. We're committed to improving your experience so that it makes your day-to-day tasks easier.

Got more ideas or questions? Email us at or use the feedback option on the bottom right corner of the page.

A screenshot of the new look search bar with links the rules, PSO list, extemp products, help and the PDF schedule..

New features

  • Wherever you are in the Schedule, you'll find links to the Rules, the Practitioners Supply Order list, and a revamped extemporaneously compounded products section.
  • We've added a key so you can quickly check what each symbol means.
  • Hover over or click the "more info" button to find links to Medsafe, NZ Formulary, the PDF version of the Schedule and the Hospital Medicines List (HML) (or Schedule).
  • Click the pharmacode to copy it your clipboard, ready to paste anywhere you need it. 
  • The Schedule now fits on your mobile phone without running off the edge of the screen.  
  • Navigating from medicine listings up to therapeutic groups is easier, just click the therapeutic group's name to see all the other medicines in that group.
  • Updates for the Schedule still occur on about the 22nd of the month. But there's now a warning message to let you know if you're looking at next month's Schedule and a handy drop down menu to change back.

Once it goes live, we want to hear from you about what works and what doesn't. Just email us at or use the feedback widget (smiley face) on the bottom right of every page.

Three screenshots of the new look schedule. The mobile view of a medicine listing, the key and a page displaying listings in a therapeutic group..
Three screenshots