Pain management

Persistent pain, drugs and placebos, paediatric pain, elderly patients, psychology, and PT issues and OT and GMI (graded motor imagery) techniques.

1. Introduction / overview (65 minutes)
Dr Paul Hardy

Presentation notes: Introduction / overview [PDF, 6.1 MB]

Introduction / overview

2. Pain psychology (59 minutes)
John Moffat, Clinical Psychologist

Presentation notes: Pain psychology [PDF, 2 MB]

Pain psychology

3. Pain in the elderly (24 minutes)
Claire Atkins

Presentation notes: Pain in the elderly [PDF, 443 KB]

Pain in the elderly

4. Pain prescribing in elderly and paediatric patients (44 minutes)
Chris Jones, Pain Fellow

Presentation notes: Pain prescribing in elderly and paediatric patients [PDF, 373 KB]

Pain prescribing in elderly and paediatric patients

5. Pain in children (34 minutes)
Barbara Day, Senior Physiotherapist

Presentation notes: Pain in children [PDF, 936 KB]

Pain in children

6. Moving, breathing / stimulating (36 minutes)
Dagmar Hempel, Team Leader & Senior Physiotherapist

Presentation notes: Moving, breathing / stimulating [PDF, 654 KB]

Moving, breathing/stimulating

7. Pain OT, graded motor imagery (45 minutes)
Maria Polaczuk, Senior Occupational Therapist

Presentation notes: Pain OT, graded motor imagery [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Pain OT, graded motor imagery

Pain management

Seminar held 20 August 2014

Facilitator: Fiona Corbin – Director, PHARMAC Seminar Series

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