Mental health in primary care

Talk and activate first; prescribe later.

1. Evidence based approach to the first consultation for depression in primary care (23 minutes)
Bruce Arroll

Consultation for depression

2. Psychologist approach to depression including CBT and digital resources (24 minutes + 31 minutes = 55 minutes)
Angela McNaught

Psychologist approach to depression inc CBT
2b: Psychologist approach to depression inc CBT

3. Role play demonstrating CBT technique (28 minutes)
Angela McNaught

Role play demonstrating CBT technique

4. ACT didactic talk (28 minutes)
Bruce Arroll

ACT didactic talk

5. Demonstration of ACT technique (31 minutes)
Bruce Arroll

Demonstration of ACT technique

6. Didactic talk on approach to depression (29 minutes)
David Codyre

Approach to depression

7. Panel Q&A (28 minutes)
Bruce Arroll, David Codyre and Angela McNaught

Panel Q&A

Mental health in primary care

Seminar held 1 March 2017.


Prof Bruce Arroll Advisor PHARMAC Seminars, Head of Dept. General Practice and Primary Health Care University of Auckland

Invited speakers

Dr David Codyre Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Angela McNaught Psychologist & Senior Lecturer Massey University

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