When a major supplier leaves the market amid a pandemic

In 2019, Apotex announced it was leaving the New Zealand market from late 2021 as part of a global consolidation.


A key supplier at the time, Apotex provided nearly 80 different medicines and devices that were used by approximately 600,000 patients. 

Companies’ commercial situations change – a reality in any industry and something we are very used to. When this happens to our suppliers, we work closely with them to reduce any impacts on New Zealand. 

Apotex was clear with us around notice periods so we could immediately begin sourcing replacements for all these products before supply ran out.

We found replacements for most of the products during our annual tender process. But for some of the more challenging products, we needed to reach out to suppliers directly.

Thanks to the quick collaboration with Apotex and other suppliers, there were no significant disruptions to the availability of medicines in New Zealand. Only a small number of legacy products have been discontinued as no replacement existed.