A stronger consumer perspective

Our clinicians’ advice is important to our funding decisions. But Chief Medical Officer Dr David Hughes recognises that consumers’ feedback is just as important.

“Hearing from a range of perspectives ensures we are making the most informed decisions we can,” says Dr Hughes.

“That’s why we’ve made changes to the way our advisory committees work to strengthen the input of consumer perspectives in their decisions.”

New terms of reference for our external advisory committees came into effect on 1 November 2021. The changes create an opportunity to bring a stronger consumer perspective into the clinical advisory committees, and broaden the role of the Consumer Advisory Committee to include the ability to advise on medicine funding proposals.

“The feedback on the draft terms of reference provided some excellent suggestions and reassured us that it’s time to emphasise the consumer perspective across our clinical advisory committees,” says Dr Hughes.

Read the terms of reference

“We have strong Māori and Pacific membership on the Consumer Advisory Committee. And we are making headway on enhancing the diversity and health equity expertise across all our clinical committees.”

These changes will take some time to put in place, but they will ensure we are better equipped to listen and respond to the needs of New Zealanders.