Managing polypharmacy and deprescribing

1. Introduction – overview of polypharmacy and MIAP (25 minutes + 27 minutes = 52 minutes)
Dr Ian Hosford

Introduction, part 1
Introduction, part 2

2. Managing polypharmacy – GP/palliative care perspective (39 minutes)
Dr Marion Taylor

GP/palliative care perspective

3. Managing polypharmacy – pharmacist perspective (32 minutes)
Fiona Corbin

Pharmacist perspective

4. Managing polypharmacy – case based discussion (33 minutes + 27 minutes = 60 minutes)
Dr Jan Gregson

Case-based discussion, part 1
Case-based discussion, part 2

Managing polypharmacy and deprescribing

Seminar held 5 April 2017.


Fiona Corbin Advisor PHARMAC Seminars, Clinical Advisory Pharmacist WRHN, Clinical Pharmacist Whanganui Hospital

Dr Jan Gregson Advisor PHARMAC Seminars, Consultant Physician and Geriatrician Whanganui DHB

Invited speakers

Dr Ian Hosford Consultant Psychogeriatrician HBDHB

Dr Marion Taylor GP & Senior Medical Officer Hospice Whanganui

Jane Dutton Nurse Practitioner

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