Diversity and inclusive primary healthcare

Trans 101

2. Gender diversity (26 minutes + 30 minutes = 56 minutes)
Dr Jeannie Oliphant

Presentation notes: Working with gender diverse clients [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Gender diversity, part 1
Gender diversity, part 2

3. Cultural diversity of migrants and refugees (18 minutes + 18 minutes + 28 minutes = 64 minutes)
Ayan Said

Presentation notes: Cultural diversity of migrants and refugees [PDF, 5.4 MB]

Migrants and refugees, part 1
Migrants and refugees, part 2
Migrants and refugees, part 3

4. Sexual diversity (25 minutes + 30 minutes =  55 minutes)
Dr Fionna Bell

Presentation notes: Sexual diversity [PDF, 8.1 MB]

Sexual diversity, part 1
Sexual diversity, part 2

5. Cases and discussion (23 minutes + 23 minutes = 46 minutes)
Prof Bruce Arroll, Dr Fionna Bell and Ayan Said

Cases and discussion, part 1

Diversity and inclusion in primary care

Seminar held 19 September 2017.


Prof Bruce Arroll  Head of Dept. General Practice and Primary Healthcare, University of Auckland, Advisor PHARMAC Seminars

Invited speakers

Dr Jeannie Oliphant Lead GP, Youth Health Services Alliance

Ayan Said Regional Refugee Community Health Worker, ADHB

Dr Fionna Bell DipObsGyn DipPaeds FRNZCGP MPH Lead GP, Youth Health Services Alliance 

Ahi Wi-Hongi Community Liaison and Health Promotion NZ Prostitutes Collective, National Coordinator Gender Minorities Aotearoa

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