COVID-19: Ivermectin

Medsafe and the Ministry of Health strongly recommend that ivermectin is not used to prevent or treat COVID-19.

Clinical advice for COVID-19 treatment

Pharmac decides what medicines are funded by the New Zealand government.  We are working closely with expert clinicians to make sure people can access funded treatments for COVID-19. We are guided by their advice.

We have an advisory groups for COVID-19 treatments. You can find the names of the experts and detailed meeting records on our website.

See our advisory group

Read more about the funded COVID-19 treatments

Who to contact if you are worried about COVID-19

If you are worried about catching COVID-19, your best defence is to get vaccinated.

Book your vaccination now(external link)

Check the Government’s COVID-19 website for ways to keep you and your whānau safe. link)

The Ministry of Health has a range of information for the public and health care professionals about COVID-19.

Ministry of Health website(external link)

What does Pharmac fund ivermectin for?

Pharmac funds ivermectin for small groups of patients in very specific circumstances. Namely for patients who have scabies or specific other infections caused by parasites. Funding for ivermectin needs a Special Authority application made by an approved healthcare professional.

Find the funding criteria in the Special Authority form(external link)

Pharmac does not fund ivermectin for anything else.

MSD supplies ivermectin for human use in New Zealand, which Pharmac funds. MSD does not support ivermectin's use in COVID-19.

Merck (USA)’s statement on ivermectin for COVID-19(external link)