Impacts to medicine supply from India

We are in constant contact with our suppliers as the impact of COVID-19 on India unfolds.

Suppliers are working to maintain supply

The suppliers are managing their supply chains and asking for help when they need it. There are established avenues for them to ask for help with logistics and diplomatic interventions, if needed to expedite delivery of critical medicines. 

It is suppliers' responsibility to ensure the products they supply remain available in New Zealand. 

While the situation is concerning, there are no predicted immediate impacts. However, there may be unpredictable events and there will be flow-on effects to supply chains over the coming months. 

What you can do

  1. Maintain normal patterns of demand for medicines.
    This helps us predict demand. We may need to act to conserve certain medicines. Any changes will be notified on our medicine notices page
  2. Advise PHARMAC if you are aware of any potential issues.