Pharmac is funding COVID-19 treatments

Pharmac is making sure New Zealanders have access to COVID-19 treatments.

Vaccination remains the best defense against COVID-19.

As they became available, Pharmac quickly secured treatments for COVID-19. These medicines are paid for from a dedicated budget allocated by Government to make sure New Zealand can access new COVID-19 medicines. 

We have assembled an expert advisory group to guide us on what medicines should be funded, and they are looking at the evidence for these treatments, to help us understand how they could benefit Kiwis. We are also working closely with the Ministry of Health’s Science and Technical Advisory Group and its Therapeutics Technical Advisory Group.

Pharmac's COVID-19 treatment advisory group

Ministry of Health's expert advisory groups(external link)

Funded treatments






Nirmatrelvir with ritonavir

Medsafe approval status

Tocilizumab is approved for use in New Zealand, but not to treat COVID-19. The other treatments are yet to be approved by Medsafe.

Read about prescribing medicines for unapproved indications – Medsafe website(external link)

Check Medsafe's application database for approval status(external link)

Vaccination is your best defence against COVID-19

Book your vaccine today (external link)