Covid-19: Information for pharmacists

We are monitoring stockpiling behaviour and will amend the dispensing rules again if necessary.

Nominated pharmacy requirement returns for medicines funded under NPPA policy

Now that New Zealand has returned to Level 1, we have reinstated the requirement for patients to use the nominated pharmacy for NPPA medicines. This change is effective as of 8 July 2020.

Sector Operations will process claims

Sector Operations have advised that they will be able to process claims that do not originate from the nominated pharmacy. 

If any pharmacy is concerned about their ability to claim for medicines dispensed and whether or not they are the patient's nominated pharmacy, call the NPPA team on 0800 66 00 50 (option 2)


We will manage wastage on a case-by-case basis if the patient does not return to the nominated pharmacy.

Medicine supply issues

Changes to access criteria (including Retail Pharmacy – Specialist restrictions)

Your pharmacy and Covid-19 – Health Navigator website(external link)

Who to contact

If you have questions, email us on