Molnupiravir access criteria

To access funded molnupiravir, people must meet the criteria outlined on this page.

Molnupiravir access criteria molnupiravir as at 15 August 2023

From any relevant practitioner.

Approvals are valid for people where the prescriber confirms the person meets the following criteria and has endorsed the prescription accordingly:

All of the following:


              * As per Ministry of Health criteria of ‘severe immunocompromise’ (external link)for third primary dose of COVID-19 vaccine

              ** People with high-risk medical conditions(external link) identified by the Ministry of Health

              ^ ‘Primary Course’ defined as receiving at least two courses of vaccination against COVID-19

              # Supplemental oxygen to maintain oxygen saturation >93% or at or above baseline for patients with chronic resting hypoxia

              Accessing supply of molnupiravir 

              Access to molnupiravir will continue under the current arrangements. Prescribers must endorse prescriptions, confirming that the person meets the access criteria.

              Molnupiravir is supplied to pharmacies and Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand hospitals at no cost, as stock has been purchased directly by Pharmac.

              Molnupiravir will continue to be listed in Section B and Part II Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule. Molnupiravir is available to order by community pharmacies and Te Whatu Ora hospitals. This process is being managed by Te Whatu Ora. 

              COVID-19: Advice for all health professionals - Te Whatu Ora website(external link).

              Supply to community pharmacies is managed through one wholesaler, ProPharma, and Te Whatu Ora hospitals can order from OneLink as required.

              The XPharm rule applies to these treatments in the community. Community pharmacies are not able to claim subsidy through usual claiming systems as Pharmac has purchased these medicines directly.

              Pharmacies will be reimbursed for their services by COVID-19 Care in the Community funding through Te Whatu Ora. Information regarding the claiming mechanism for this payment to pharmacies will be available from Te Whatu Ora. 

              Who to contact

              If you have any questions about these access criteria, email