At a Glance: Pharmac in numbers

The decisions Pharmac has to make are difficult and complex. But the difference we make is simple, more New Zealanders getting access to more medicines and medical devices. 

More for less

There will always be more medicines that we want to fund than we can afford to, but in 2020/21 - this is the difference we made.

3.77 million

Number of New Zealanders receiving funded medicines.


Estimated number of additional people benefiting from decisions in 2020/21. We estimate an extra 90,000 people will benefit from these decisions each year in the future.


Number of new medicines funded.

$1.71 billion

Total gross spending on medicines.

$1.045 billion

DHBs’ combined medicines expenditure.

$29.5 million

Savings reinvested in more medicines.

Hospital medical devices 


Additional line items on the Pharmaceutical Schedule under national contracts


Total line items on the Pharmaceutical Schedule under national contract

$105 million

Value of additional medical devices under contract for 2020/21

$401 million

Total value of medical devices under Pharmac contract

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