Varenicline: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Due to a manufacturing issue, Pfizer have advised that there will be supply issue with their Varenicline Pfizer brand.

Affected product

The supply issue affects all presentations of vareniclene.

  • varenicline starter packs (tab 0.5 mg x 11 and 1 mg x 42) – pharmacode 2553155
  • ongoing treatment (tab 1 mg) – pharmacode 2553163

Alternative product

Pfizer have supplied their Champix brand of varenicline to cover this supply shortage. It was listed in the Schedule from 1 May 2021. 

This is a Medsafe-approved product.

View the varenicline listing in the Schedule(external link)

Who to contact 

If you have questions about this supply issue, we recommend you contact your wholesaler or supplier.

  • Pfizer's phone number: 0800 736 363