Triazolam 125 and 250 mcg tablets (Hypam): discontinuation

Discontinuation Active

Viatris, the supplier of Hypam tablets, is discontinuing this medicine and will no longer supply it to New Zealand.

About this discontinuation

Stock of both strengths of Hypam tablets are expected to run out by September/October 2023.

We have not been able to identify an alternative supplier of triazolam tablets and will delist both strengths from the Pharmaceutical Schedule once any remaining stock in New Zealand has been dispensed. 

Affected products 

  • Triazolam 125 mcg tablet (Hypam) - pharmacode 720607
  • Triazolam 250 mcg tablet (Hypam) – pharmacode 720623

Schedule listing for triazolam tablets(external link)

Clinical advice

Our clinical advisors suggest that for the majority of patients using triazolam, it will be appropriate to recommend gradual dose reduction as able, aiming for a complete drug withdrawal.

For those who this is not appropriate, or if withdrawing fails, there are alternative funded medicines(external link) listed on the Pharmaceutical Schedule that could be considered, most likely temazepam or zopiclone. 

Information for people taking triazolam tablets

You should not stop taking triazolam abruptly.

If you are taking triazolam, you will need to talk to your GP or specialist about what this means for you. 

Information for healthcare professionals

Prescribers will need to:

  • ensure no new patients are started on triazolam tablets
  • consider whether benzodiazepines are still clinically indicated for people who are using triazolam
  • support their patients who are currently using triazolam to withdraw gradually or change to an alternative treatment if this is not appropriate. 

We appreciate that it is not easy to change patients’ medicines and that some people using triazolam will find this difficult. This presents an opportunity to consider whether benzodiazepines are still clinically appropriate for your patients using triazolam. 

Resources for healthcare professionals:

Additional information for pharmacists

People using triazolam should be advised to visit their prescriber to change to an alternative treatment. 

We will delist triazolam tablets from the Pharmaceutical Schedule once any remaining stock in New Zealand has been dispensed. There is no date currently set for this delisting.

We will keep our website updated with this information. 

Key dates

September/October 2023 – stock of triazolam tablets will be depleted 

TBC – triazolam tablets will be delisted from the Pharmaceutical Schedule 

Who to contact

If you have any queries regarding the funding of triazolam, email

If you take triazolam tablets (Hypam) your doctor, nurse or pharmacist are the best people to answer your questions. Pharmac cannot give clinical advice to any individuals. 

If you need to talk, call or text 1737 any time (it’s free). Or talk to a trained counsellor on the Depression helpline, 0800 111 757

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