Tranylcypromine (Parnate): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

The supplier, BNM, has advised that the Medsafe-approved Parnate brand of tranylcypromine will go out of stock.

The out of stock is caused by a break down in the plant that packages the medicine. BNM has resolved the packaging issue and they expect new stock in December 2020. However, there will be a short out of stock in New Zealand. 

BNM have sourced an alternative version of tranylcypromine sulphate (Parnate). It is made by the same company in the same factory, but the packaging is different. This means it is not approved by Medsafe and must be supplied under section 29 of the Medicines Act.

Information for pharmacists

The alternate brand of tranylcypromine sulphate will be listed from Monday 14 December 2020. It will not appear in the online Schedule until 1 January 2021. There are other listed versions of section 29 Parnate brand tranylcypromine. They are different from the version we're listing this month, this version of Parnate has its own pharmacode. 

Chemical and presentation


Pack Size

Subsidy and price
(ex-man., ex. GST)


Tranylcypromine sulphate
tab 10 mg

Parnate S29




  • Parnate S29 tab 10 mg is not currently registered in NZ, so will be supplied under section 29 and wastage will apply.
  • Tranylcypromine sulphate tablets remain on monthly (non-stat) dispensing , this will continue to apply. 

RxOne users: the new listings and changes will be automatically updated by RxOne. If for some unforeseen circumstance it does not happen, please refer to the e-Noticeboard on the RxOne Home Screen for instructions. 

TONIQ users: the new listings and changes will automatically be updated in Toniq medicine databases from the effective date.

Please note that Ministry of Health Sector Operations Group will be unable to process claims for December 2020 dispensing of the above listings. Pharmacies can either hold these claims until January 2021 OR reclaim them in January 2021 when they are rejected for payment in December 2020 claims.


Who to contact

If you have questions about funding of tranylcypromine, email

If you have questions about the supply of tranylcypromine, contact BNM.

Visit BNM's website for contact details(external link)