Tramadol sustained release 200 mg (Tramal 200 SR): Supply issue resolved

Seqirus has advised us that supply has resumed for its brand Tramal SR 200 (tramadol) sustained release 200 mg tablets (p/code 2149524).

Resupplied 30 September 2021

Stock has been released to wholesalers.

Alternative product: 2 x 100 mg tablets

We have received clinical advice that people can take 2 x 100 mg tramadol tablets (p/code 2149508) instead of 1 x 200 mg tablet.

There is ample stock of the 100 mg tablets to cover this out of stock.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about the supply of tramadol, contact Seqirus:

If you have any questions about the funding of tramadol, email