Tramadol (Tramal): Supply issue resolved

There was a supply issue affecting Tramal SR Tabs 100mg and 150mg and the Tramal Injection 50mg/1ml (hospital only).

Affected products

  • Tramal SR Tabs 100mg (Pharmacode 2149508)
  • Tramal SR Tabs 150mg (Pharmacode 2149532)
  • Tramal Injection 50mg/1ml (hospital only) (Pharmacode 471208)

Other presentations of Tramal were unaffected by the supply issue.

Schedule listing for tramadol(external link)

Hospital medicine listing for tramadol(external link)

Supply situation

As at 14 September 2022, all presentations have been released from HCL to wholesalers. It may take time for the stock to reach pharmacies.

Who to contact 

For further information contact Seqirus CSL on 0800 502 757