Sodium cromoglicate: Brand change

The funded brand of sodium cromoglicate is changing from Nalcrom to Ralicrom.

New brand name, same medicine

The current brand, Nalcrom, is changing to Ralicrom. The medicine is still made by the same manufacturer. The capsules will look the same, contain the same ingredients, and be available in the same strength and pack size.

Douglas the supplier of Nalcrom will continue to supply sodium cromoglicate to Aotearoa New Zealand under the brand name Ralicrom. 

People taking sodium cromoglicate capsules should not notice any difference with this change in brand.

Medsafe datasheet for Ralicrom [PDF](external link)

Medsafe Consumer Medicine Information for Ralicrom [PDF](external link)

Note: Medsafe datasheet and CMI for Nalcrom directs people to Ralicrom

Stock status

We expect Nalcrom brand tablets to run out between August 2022 and October 2022. 

Once stock has run out, it will be replaced by the Ralicrom brand. Until then, pharmacies and wholesalers can continue to order the Nalcrom brand. 

Product details

Cap 100 mg

  • Nalcrom | 259349 | $92.91 per 100
  • Ralicrom | 2629295 | $92.91 per 100 

Schedule listing for sodium cromoglicate(external link)

Key dates

1 August 2022: Ralicrom brand of sodium cromoglicate cap 100 mg fully funded.

1 April 2023: Nalcrom brand of sodium cromoglicate caps de-listed from the Schedule.

Who to contact

If you use sodium cromoglicate capsules, talk to your pharmacist or other trusted health professional. They can explain what this change means for you.

If you have questions about the funding for sodium cromoglicate capsules, email