Roxithromycin tab dispersible 50 mg, (Rulide D): Discontinuation

Sanofi-Aventis are discontinuing supply of roxithromycin (known as Rulide D) to Aotearoa New Zealand (Pharmacode 2522950)

Key dates

July 2022 - supply of Rulide D exhausted

1 March 2023 - Rulide D (Pharmacode 2522950) delisted from the Schedule

Alternative products

Rulide D is a macrolide antibiotic, its use is limited. It's used mainly as a second or third line antibiotic treatment for sore throats and rheumatic fever for those with a penicillin allergy.

There are other fully funded macrolide antibiotic alternatives available for this medicine.

Macrolide antibiotics listed in the Schedule(external link)

We are working with clinical experts to ensure that the any guidelines on the use of this medicine are updated to reflect the change in funding, such as the Heart Foundation's Guidelines for Rheumatic Fever [PDF](external link).

Who to contact

If you have any questions about this discontinuation, email