Propranolol 10 mg tablets: Brand change

In September 2021, the funded brand of propranolol 10 mg tablets was changed to Drofate.

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reddish pill with a score line and p 10 inscribed. Bottle has a goldish label with "Drofate" in large friendly letters..

Drofate is the new brand of propranolol

The supplier of the previous brand of propranolol (Apotex) is no longer supplyin the New Zealand market with any medicines. 

Pharmac's response to Apotex's departure

New brand listed 17 September 2021

We understand that stock of Apo-Propanolol has run out and the new Drofate brand has been available since late September 2021. 

We brought forward the listing date for Drofate propranolol to 17 September 2021. This meant that the new brand was funded as soon as it was available. Pharmacode: 2611414. 

Decision to list Drofate brand propranolol 10 mg tablets

People who take propranolol

Drofate is has the same active ingredient in the same amount as the old brand. You should not notice any difference in the way it works. 

Both Apo-Propranolol and Drofate are generic versions of propranolol. 

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Who to contact

If you take propranolol, talk to your pharmacist or the person who prescribed the medicine. They know you and your clinical circumstances best.

If you have questions about the supply of Drofate propranolol, contact your wholesaler.

If you have questions about funding, email