Pregnancy Test Kit: Recall

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Smith BioMed is recalling two batches of the Yes! Cassette Pregnancy Test kits. The recalled batches have higher than expected reports of false positives.

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Smith BioMed has issued a recall notice to users of these test kits (also known as Smith BioMed Rapid Pregnancy Test Kit). They will arrange for replacement batches to be supplied. There is ample stock to cover the replacement of the kits.

Download the recall notice

Affected batch numbers and expiry dates

  • HCG19110040, exp 2022-11
  • HCG19120028, exp 2022-12

These are supplied in kits of 40 tests, 20 kits per carton.

Read more about this recall on Medsafe's website(external link)

Other batches are unaffected 

This recall does not apply to other batches. Medsafe encourages healthcare professionals to keep using batches not affected by this recall.

If you find issues with other batches, report them to Medsafe. 

Read about reporting medical device adverse events – Medsafe's website(external link)

Medsafe will continue to monitor this issue and will produce updated advice for health care professionals as necessary.

Who to contact

For information about this recall, contact Smiths BioMed on: