Pregabalin capsules: Supply issue resolved

There was a supply issue with pregabalin capsules. We removed all-at-once (stat) dispensing for 3 presentations.

28 June 2022 update

All presentations of pregabalin are available again. We will return to 3 monthly (stat) dispensing in due course.

Affected products

To extend the availability of pregabalin capsules pharmacists should only dispense monthly lots until further notice. 

  • 25 mg (Pharmacode 2534053): Stock available (this strength is currently on monthly dispensing).
  • 75 mg (Pharmacode 2534088): Stock available.
  • 150 mg (Pharmacode 2534096): Stock is available (this strength is currently on monthly dispensing).
  • 300 mg (Pharmacode 2534118): Stock available (this strength is currently on monthly dispensing). 

Schedule listing for pregabalin(external link)


We are working closely with the supplier on resupply. 

Due to COVID-19 cases we are experiencing some challenges within the supply chain. 

Read our COVID-19 supply chain update

For people taking pregabalin capsules

You will need to return to the pharmacy each month to collect your prescription. You will only have to pay the co-payment once (usually $5). 

We know that monthly dispensing can be inconvenient. We have taken these steps to ensure everyone can continue to receive their medicine. Thank you for your patience.

Who to contact

If you have questions about this supply issue, email