Pregabalin: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Due to shipping delays, there is a brief out of stock of Pfizer Pregabalin.

Upjohn, the supplier of Pregabalin Pfizer, has sourced some Lyrica stock to cover the out of stock period. Lyrica was initially supplied under section 29 as an unapproved product. Medsafe has now approved Lyrica.

Information for people who take pregabalin

Lyrica is manufactured in the same facility and has the exact same chemical makeup as Pregabalin Pfizer. Both brands also have identical markings on the capsules, but are just packed into different looking cartons.

The only difference you should notice is the packaging.

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Information for pharmacists

Lyrica was listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule on 11 November 2020. The pharmacode for the Lyrica brand is 2602075. 

We understand that Upjohn communicated directly with health care professionals. 

Find Lyrica in the Schedule(external link)

Who to contact

If you have questions about this stock issue: