Hydrocortisone with natamycin and neomycin cream (Pimafucort cream): Discontinuation

LEO Pharma discontinued this product as one of the ingredients used in the cream is no longer available.

Pimafucort relisted 10 May 2022

We have been made aware that some stock of Pimafucort cream is still available within the supply chain and at pharmacy level. To enable the dispensing and claiming of this stock, we are re-listing Pimafucort cream in the community Schedule from 10 May 2022.

1 February 2022: Pimafucort cream no longer available

LEO Pharma discontinued their Pimafucort brand of hydrocortisone with natamycin and neomycin cream. Pimafucort cream 15 g was discontinued on 1 February 2022.

Supply of hydrocortisone with natamycin and neomycin ointment is unaffected and will remain available in New Zealand.

Key dates

  • 1 February 2022: Pimafucort cream 15 g (Pharmacode: 260266) discontinued.
  • 10 May 2022: Pimafucort cream 15 g relisted
  • 1 April 2023: Pimfacort cream de-listed

For pharmacies 

RxOne users: the relisted product will be automatically updated by RxOne from the effective date.

TONIQ users: the relisted product will automatically be updated in Toniq medicine databases from the effective date.

Please note Ministry of Health Sector Operations Group will be unable to process claims for May 2022 dispensing of the above listing. All dispensings from 1 May to 9 May 2022 will not be funded. For the remainder of May, pharmacies can either hold these claims until June 2022 OR reclaim them in June 2022 when they are rejected for payment in May 2022 claims.

Prescribers: What you need to know

Prescribers will need to use alternative treatments in the absence of Pimafucort cream. We have received clinical advice that suitable alternatives include:

If you know of any other suitable alternatives, contact us at enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz

Read the NZ Formulary monographs

hydrocortisone + natamycin + neomycin(external link)

triamcinolone + neomycin + gramicidin + nystatin (topical)(external link)

Patients: Who to contact

If you use Pimafucort cream, talk to your pharmacist, doctor, or the person who prescribed this medicine. They know you best and can advise on the best alternative. Pharmac cannot comment on individual clinical circumstances.