Pethidine 50 mg/ml, 2 ml and 50 mg/ml, 1 ml ampoules (DBL Pethidine): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Pfizer, the supplier of DBL Pethidine, have notified PHARMAC of an out of stock for their registered product.

Pfizer notified the market of a shortage of their registered product. They have sourced an alternative product through Max Health. This product is not registered in New Zealand and comes in a 10 ampoule pack and must be administered under section 29 of the Medicines Act.

Hospitals can order pethidine from OneLink

There is ample supply of the Max Health product for hospital use. Orders can be placed with OneLink on:

Reserve DBL Pethidine for community use

In their notification, Pfizer asked that the DBL Pethidine be reserved for community use. Pfizer are managing supply of the registered product. 

Resupply May 2021

Resupply of their registered product is in May 2021. 

Who to contact

Contact Pfizer on their customer service number 0800 736 363