Permethrin (Scabies-A): Potential supply issue resolved

There was a potential supply issue with permethrin Scabies-A lotion 5% (Pharmacode 2332027).

12 July 2023

Available stock has returned to acceptable levels. 

Affected product

  • Chemical: Permethrin
  • Brand: A-Scabies 
  • Presentation: Lotion 5%
  • Pharmacode: 2332027

Schedule listing for permethrin(external link)

Stock situation

In May, the supplier had a delivery of 70,000 units. The majority of this was distributed to the market within five weeks of arrival. The usual demand for this product is 13,000 units per month.

At the end of June, a shipment of 40,000 units arrived and was released to wholesalers. 

We are confident that stock levels are sustainable now.

Lyderm cream

Lyderm permethrin cream is also listed. This product was supplied by API Pharmaceuticals who have left the market. We have not found a replacement cream. Lyderm cream is no longer available and will be delisted.

Who to contact

If you are a pharmacy and are having difficulty sourcing this product, email

Please include as much information as you can and who your wholesaler is.  

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