PenMix 40 (insulin isophane with insulin neutral): Discontinuation

From 1 December 2022, PenMix 40 (pharmacode 785741) was discontinued in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Reason for this discontinuation

The supplier, Novo Nordisk, has made this decision due to a significant decline in demand for this product in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Supply situation 

The remaining stock of PenMix 40 (pharmacode 785741) expired on 30 November 2022. There is sufficient stock to cover demand until then.

PenMix 30 (pharmacode 785733) and PenMix 50 (pharmacode 785768) will remain available. Only PenMix 40 is being discontinued.  

Key dates

30 November 2022: Stock of PenMix 40 expires.

1 December 2022: PenMix 40 will be de-listed from the Pharmaceutical Schedule. 

For people who use PenMix 40

If you use PenMix 40, we encourage you to talk to your diabetes care team or the person who prescribed it to find the best alternative for you.

They can identify an alternative funded product which will meet your needs best. 

Pharmac isn’t able to provide advice on individual clinical circumstances. 

For healthcare professionals

There are a number of other fully-funded analog and non-analog insulin products that may be suitable alternatives for your patients.

We encourage healthcare professionals to discuss a safe transition to an alternative funded product selected based on your patient’s individual needs. 

Schedule listings for short-acting insulin preparations (external link)

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Insulin information in the NZ Formulary(external link)

Who to contact 

For any enquiries about this discontinuation, contact NovoCare® Customer Care Centre:

0800 733 737

For enquiries about funding, email