Paroxetine: Supply issue resolved

There was a short out of stock for the Loxamine brand of paroxetine.

Loxamine is back in stock. It will be available once supplies of Paxine are depleted. 

To ensure people could continue to access the medicines they need, we listed the Australian brand Paxtine from 1 March 2021. 

About Paxtine

Paxtine is the Australian version of Loxamine. The formulations of Loxamine and Paxtine are identical. Paxtine:

  • has the same active ingredient 
  • is the same strength
  • works in the body the same way
  • has the same inactive ingredients.
  Current brand Alternative brand
Name Loxamine Paxtine

Strength & presentation

Tab 20 mg Tab 20 mg
Pharmacode 2443015 2600188
Price $3.61 $1.20
Pack size per 90 per 30

We know out of stocks can be inconvenient, we appreciate your patience. 

Who to contact

If you have questions about the supply of Paxtine, contact your wholesaler. 

If you take paroxetine (Loxamine), talk to your health professional (such as, your doctor or pharmacist). They know you and your clinical circumstances. PHARMAC cannot give medical advice. 

If you need to talk:

  • call or text 1737 any time (it’s free)
  • talk to a trained counsellor on the Depression helpline, 0800 111 757