Paracetamol: Supply issue resolved

Regular paracetamol supply has resumed.

29 July 2021 update

Stock from the new suppliers has been released into the market.

See the Schedule for delisting dates for other brands. 

Check the Schedule listing for paracetamol(external link)

Dispensing restrictions remain in place 

We will review the amount that can be dispensed and all-at-once dispensing after the supply situation has stabilised for a while.

Paracetamol availability was a global issue

Supply was disrupted at the active ingredient and finished product level. Manufacturing and supply logistics were impacted by:

  • Covid-19 border and lockdown restrictions
  • industrial action in multiple countries
  • export restrictions
  • increased global demand.

Pharmac changed the dispensing rules in March 2020 to ensure all New Zealanders could continue to access funded paracetamol. We reduced the number of paracetamol that could be prescribed and required pharmacists to only dispense one month's supply at a time. We know that returning your pharmacy each month can be inconvenient and we appreciate your patience. 

Who to contact 

Talk to your wholesaler or supplier about paracetamol supply.